May Is Here – Are YOU Ready for Growth?

Happy May, wellness tribe!

We’re now several weeks into spring–have you seen the growth in the trees and flowers and grass around you yet? Even though it’s been pretty chilly this last week here in Minnesota, the tulips are beginning to show their lovely colors, and the trees are really budding out. I love this time of year–it gives us all a glimpse at the opportunity we have to start fresh and new, whenever we need to.

One of the most important things to aid in our own growth–especially in our health and wellness–is supporting a positive mindset that leads to forward movement. ‘How exactly do I do this?’, you ask. Great question! There are a number of ways, from more simple to ‘more challenging than you may think’…. =) Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Look around your physical environment, both at home and at work. Are there things that, just by looking at them, bring you down? Piles of unfolded laundry? Papers? Old pictures that bring up bad memories? General messiness? Commit to 15 minutes a day for a week–and declutter some of the most problem areas of your home or work area. Our physical environment can either be a huge drain on our energy and attitude–or one that makes us smile and gives a sense of peace.

2. Take stock of what you’re reading–whether online or in books or in social media. Is it uplifting? Empowering? Positive? Inspirational? If not, ditch it! What we feed our brains and spirits has the power to affect us deeply. Replace it with more energizing and productive sources and stories. One of my favorite ways is to change the home page for your internet browser to–they ALWAYS have amazing accounts of humans and positivity that will brighten your day!

3. Finally, how are you spending your time? Are you being sucked into negative posts or conversations in social media? Do you feel like you’re wasting time throughout the day, and feel a sense of regret when you get to bedtime? Choose three days this week to keep a ‘time journal’–in real time, as things happen during the day–to REALLY look closely at where you are choosing to spend your time, whether at work or home or with others. Of those things on your ‘time journal’, which items bring you joy and energy? Which things just leave a bad taste in your mouth? And which things are simply distracting you from more important people or activities? Decide to move away from at least ONE thing that does not bring you satisfaction and connection with others.

It’s an ongoing process, to be aware of our ability to grow. But unless we take stock and look more closely at different areas of our lives, we can simply allow life to pass us by, and not be moving ahead in our goals, both personal and professional. How can you–TODAY–begin to do things in a different way, to achieve different results and set your mind to be ready for positive, uplifting, meaningful growth in your life, and health, and wellness?

I would love to know what you’re working on in your journey! Comment below–or send me an email at Make it a GREAT day!